Raid you stash and make gifts. I started with the various yarns in different weights and found a pattern to crochet each of them into a scarf. It is a very open pattern that lends itself well to a summer look but if you choose a heavier yarn the open spaces wrapped up aroud your neck will actually increase insulation and warmth. Here is a photo of several of the colors and textures and weights. I had some Lion Brand Landscapes and it works well — venture on your own path and create with any yarn.

The other “project” I have taken on is to crochet reusable face masks. I found a pattern on Pinterest that had created a version that looks much like the disposable masks that we have seen for years in medical providers offices. It is a quick and easy to follow, I can complete one in about 30 minutes (that’s after several repeats). As I have worked through some of them there have been some alterations in size and finish — definition of finish for me includes figuring out ear loops, a way to keep them up on your face, ease to put on and be as comfortable as possible. I am still working on some ways to make these happen. For example each face is a different size — some are taller some are wider so playing with different ideas. Below is what works for me. To add loops I used ponytail ties crocheted over the ends of the mask. It keeps the mask centered and snug and so far at least doesn’t make my ears crazy. Cotton and cotton blends make a tighter finish as well as layering to increase density. If you add layers you can create a pocket to insert thin filtering type fabric or paper type products cut to fit.