Tools to support Health Care Givers

March 26, 2020

Elastic is essential to holding facemasks in place and I found this in ample quantity to make …… Many. had to cover our faces (albiet not always happily) to prevent exposure to the outside

I have a goal to get involved and make masks to help cover healthcare workers faces but also my own — when I was a child growing up in Montana in the cold winters we temperature and wind chill but I bet it also had the effect of protecting our friends from our coughs and sneezes. Anyway as I pondered this and was working at a delivery job wanting something to do with my hands while waiting I dove into the knit and crochet part of Pinterest and found as many styles in either of those categories as there are in the sewing. The benefit for these is the tool to make them — Crochet hook or knitting needles — are easier to carry in your car. So I will be hunting for cotton yarns to use myself and let you know where it can be found.  



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