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Keeping a straight seam isn’t always attainable and even the most experienced sewers have their bad days. But what if you had a magic wand that could keep your seams in line?

I wish!

While magic wands aren’t a real thing you could try a nifty toolset that works almost as well as magic, instead.

This frustration-free set includes everything you need to sew consistent, straight hems, and parallel seams with confidence: an edge foot; adjustable guide foot; low-shank snap-on adapter; magnetic seam guide; and iron-off fabric marker.

I love these tools. So far, I’ve used the pen, the edge foot, and the adjustable guide foot. If I never use the rest, it’s still well worth the money. I’ve hesitated to use pens, but the ink from this one disappears when you iron over the lines. And the other two pieces have made a huge difference in the appearance of my seams. I highly recommend this, especially if you’re a beginner or advanced beginner.

Tracy - Verified Customer

MadameSew’s easy-to-follow instructions, on-line manuals, inspirational blog posts, and insightful videos help you use every presser foot and seam guide for optimal results. Additionally, your set comes in a compact box to protect the components and make them easy to store.

Want to know more about the kit? Check out MadameSew’s website by clicking here.

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