The Sewing Machine

May 05, 2020

Sewing Machines Plus carries machines and accessories for many brands of sewing machines. To meet the needs of all types of sewing machine activities such as garment creation, quilt piecing, quilting, embroidery, etc.

The sewing machine has been around for more than two hundred years now and is still as popular today. Most households have a sewing machine, whether it’s for ornamental use or for taking care of those sewing chores.

The sewing machine was invented to help join fabric together using thread in order to make clothes. In order to create stitches, which are used to join pieces of fabric together, these machines take two threads and join them together within the machine and put them through the fabric.

There are many different model sewing machines available today and many of these can produce a great variety of both plain and patterned stitches that include cross-stitch, chain stitch, and zig-zag stitching. Regular sewing machines use what is called a lockstitch. This is a stitch that is created using two threads. Older model sewing machines have been known to use chain stitches and sergers.

There are hundreds of models of sewing machines and they all vary considerably in both price and performance. The more expensive models are sophisticated electronic machines that are also computerized. Even with all this technology, however, these machines still work based on one main principle, and that is the loop stitching system.

Sewing machines consist of a number of different components and these include the electric motor, the spool holder, the tension disc, the drive wheel, the bobbin holder, the needle, and the foot pedal. Of course, these are only the basic components, there are many more. The motor on sewing machines is controlled by the foot pedal and this lets the user vary the speed they require when sewing.

Like most devices, sewing machines do take a little bit of practice and patience especially when it comes to threading your machine. Perseverance, however, does have its rewards and in no time you could be mastering the art of sewing and creating your own garments.


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