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Connecting to Social Media

SewingHere is connecting with the Social Network world.  Hope you all can find something or send us a note with a request and we will work finding it for you.  Karen

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Annie's has a system to encourage a path of creation by offering a new craft skill kit each month. Check out this link and get started on your creative touches.

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Confident Stitch

Confident Stitch brings unique, interesting, fun and high quality fabrics, patterns and gadgets to your shopping experience.

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Sewing Machines Plus

Sewing Machines Plus has all you need for quilting, garment construction or machine embroidery. They have machines, accessories and tools to meet your request.

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The Journey

  As I polish and hone my own crocheting and knitting skills I find myself in need of tools to contain and easily locate yarn, needles etc and secure them from prying paws.  I have 2 Lancashire...

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Rechargeable Lighted Crochet Hook Set

Lighted crochet hooks for working in low light or with low vision needs.  I was so excited to find lighted hooks and bought one and found that not only when the light is low but when working with...

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Gaining experience

Gaining experience in the land of e-commerce.  It is fun but sometimes I feel old and find things difficult.  We spent the weekend doing some things from our Scandinavian heritage -- we made lefse. ...

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Re-Introducing SewingHere

Hi everyone, yes we have a new look and soon to have more products and adding ideas for all you seamers, quilters, crocheters, knitters etc of all skill levels.  Karen will be starting to work on...

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