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The Confident Stitch is a gathering spot for anyone who delights in the fine details, and major triumphs, of modern handcrafts. – The Confident Stitch

Meet The Confident Stitch! A female-owned purveyor of fine fabrics, indie patterns, & novel notions in Missoula, Montana. Today we’ll be covering the items you can acquire directly from their website!


# 6. Fabrics

The eye-catching fabrics they offer can do the job for any vision you have. From material for face mask making to creating that silk dress, you can pick from quite a pool of options.

# 5. Patterns

Aside from the material I can choose from I think my favorite section of their site is the patterns. There are ADORABLE patterns for baby onesies and toddler bloomers. There’s more for the whole family but goodness those are cute! If you’re looking for other selections they also have accessory, quilt, and bag patterns. Here are a few of our personal favorite picks!

“I love working with The Confident Stitch! Kate has a talent for finding beautiful, unique, and high-quality garment fabrics. It’s like having my own personal fabric stylist! I can honestly say I love every fabric I’ve sewn with. Plus, the fabric gets to me in only a couple days so I can get started on whatever I’m framing up before the passion fades.” – Justine /Sew Country Chick

# 4. Trims

The confident Stitch has your standard zippers, buckles, and elastic bands but if you really want to dress up your creation you should check out their wallet frames and pom-pom fringes available in different colors.

3. Interfacing & Batting

Batting that gives your quilts their cuddliness and interfacing that provides structure & support!

Perfect Fuse Sheer

# 2. Kits

Grab a kit for yourself or a special someone. These kits are great for new and experienced crafters that like everyday items like aprons, food wraps, and more.

“We understand that humans and the earth need a lot more healing than sewing can provide. But, sewing heals both humans and the Earth a little bit, and for that, we are grateful.” – The Confident Stitch

# 1. Books

Books are great for anyone. Get guidance on everything from coloring, creating handbags, clothing, and more. Check out our top picks!

So as you can see, The Confident Stitch is an amazing place to source goods for your next project. Don’t forget to follow them on social media to see what others are making!

“Love this shop! So helpful and friendly, AMAZING fabric selection as well as notions and apparel fabrics. I have taken a few classes with some friends and we learned a lot and had a blast. I would recommend to anyone!” – Rory / Missoula, MT

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