March | National Quilting Month

March 07, 2021

Happy National Quilting Month!

March is the time to celebrate all quilters and quilts because it’s more than just a way to stay warm — it’s an art piece that took a lot of time and energy to make.

We believe that quilters put a little piece of themselves into every creation that they make. Quilts can hold so much meaning; they many times get passed down from generation to generation.

Before we talk about today’s featured retailer, we wanted to share a little bit of history with you.

Did you know that National quilting day started back in 1991? Yup! It’s been going on for 30 years now and was voted in as a national event by The National Quilting Association after a “Quilter’s Day Out” celebration in Kentucky.

Due to COVID19, there won’t be any get-togethers for the celebration this year, but you can still share your creations and support fellow quilters online through platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Hopefully, this news inspired you to share your current work! (Don’t forget to use your hashtags like #quilting and #quilts) Or, maybe now you’re itching to start a new project?

Before you start, check out all of the cool tools and accessories from

Right now, they’re featuring their new Spring Collection for patterns. My two favorites are the GO! Chitter Chatter Quilt Pattern that you can download for FREE right now and the GO! Love Note Pillow Pattern that is also free that the moment.

Check those out ASAP while they’re still available.

Are you new to quilting and looking to get started?

Accuquilt actually has an entire section on product how-tos and tutorials on projects and techniques. You can learn everything from sewing basics to cutting fabric and more.

Check it out here, and then head over to their shop to get the materials you need.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tag us in your post so we can check it out, too!

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