8 Amazon Items The Average Crafter Would Appreciate

January 15, 2021

1. Silicone Finger Protectors

A pack of finger protectors that will prevent pricks, cuts, and burns – OH MY! The premium silicone material comes in three sizes with added elasticity. This is a must-have for extreme crafters.

“I love my finger protectors! They are lifesavers for my fingers, I’m an avid crafter and hot glue can burn really bad! Thank you so much for them!” – Phyllis Casebolt

Get it on Amazon USA for $5.69. Also available in different colors.

2. Teamoy Sewing Machine Organization Bag (Fits Most Standard Sewing Machines and Accessories)

This budget-friendly organization bag can be used for at-home organization and on-the-go. With a water-resistant material and padded handle, you’re ready to tackle any project in any environment.

“I usually don’t travel with my sewing machine – but am decorating a few homes on the road so I wanted to take my machine to hem curtains when I got there. It was perfect – I can fit my brother sewing machine, pedal, cords, and accessories – plenty of room in it and it looks good.” – LakeLady

Get it on Amazon USA for $34.99. Also available in different colors.

3. Slice 10580 Precision Knife

Perfect for most crafting/hobbyist materials. The ambidextrous ring handle gives precise control for detailed cuts and intricate shapes. Cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, leather, quilting applique, and more.

Their motto? Cut your material, not yourself.

Keep in mind that this blade in particular is meant for thinner materials. Check out their other tools for tougher projects.

“This knife is impressive. It is amazingly able to slice through the paper and vinyl I use for crafts without slicing my finger. I’m sure if I tried I could cut myself but obviously, I’m not going to test that. To the touch, this blade seems pretty dull. There isn’t a point on it like a metal blade would have. When I first looked at it, I thought it was defective. The package doesn’t really explain much about the ceramic blade. The info on the product page is helpful and informative. I recommend this knife for the casual crafter or even the younger crafter. With the supervision of course.” – Bacon Jonnie’s

Get it on Amazon USA for $9.49

4. Magnetic Pin Holder

Stop using your mouth to hold your pins! With this powerful wristband, you can hold all the pins and needles required for your project without pricking yourself or fishing for them.

“I found this neat little gadget by chance and being a keen dressmaker I thought it would be quite handy and at such a great price I thought why not give it a go – No only is it great for my sewing – buy being magnetic I have also found it useful for hairpins when my daughter is dancing for shows and competitions – It’s great at work when I need to paper clip things together for staff information, I don’t ruin my nails by having to dig into the paper clip box all the time and of course if I drop anything – it’s magnetic – so it picks it all up for me – Excellent” – Susan Prabhu

Get it on Amazon USA for $12.99

5. Embroidery/Sewing Machine Thread Spools Savers

Tame your thread with these silicone cuddlers. They’re flexible enough to fit small to large spool diameters without stretching out.

“These are the greatest notion for the sewer. I would previously use rubber bands or tape. The bands would harden and pop and the tape would get sticky. These thead holders are the greatest. Purchased on Amazon the price was good and the service was great. These holders also fit on my serger cones. Would recommend for any sewer or hobbyist.” – Lois from Ohio

Get it on Amazon USA for $11.99

6. Giantex Rolling Storage Cart

Okay. So I know that there are tons of different storage carts out there but hear me out. If you are an OCD person like me, you’re not only obsessed with being organized – you’re also a huge fan of efficiency.

This Giantex cart has twenty drawers to store all of your odds and ends. For me, It keeps my rubber stamps separate from my wax stamps. I can color coordinate the types of tools, AND because the drawers are clear, I can easily find the drawer of cutting tools without pulling each drawer out. When you’re done for the day, push it back into its little nook!

“This is my favorite item soooo cute definitely worth the money I’m a esthetician and I keep my beauty supplies in it.. the colors bring life to my salon” – Fatima

Get it on Amazon USA for $69.99

7. Firbon A4 Paper Cutter

I didn’t think I needed this in my life until I made the purchase! It can cut in both directions for both straight and angle cuts. I’ve used it for cropping photos, coupon clipping, and trimming laminated signs I make for the office.

It says you can cut up to 12 pieces of paper at a time but I have yet to try. It’s easy to manage and can be handled by my middle schoolers for school projects!

“I’m a card maker, but I do cut a lot of paper. I really like this cutter. I was skeptical of this brand because of the low price. I needn’t have worried. This cutter works as well as my more expensive guillotine cutter. It can cut through two layers of cardstock. The fact that it has an extended ruler is also convenient. It is light weight and easy to move around. I have no complaints about this cutter and I would buy it again if this one wears out.” – Jean Pierce

Buy it on Amazon USA for $11.49

8. Large Silicone Mat

My workspace has some battle scars left from stamping projects, nail art sessions, hot glue gun accidents… Oh, and that time I left a tea candle burn for too long when making wax seals!

Using a silicone mat is a game changer! It will catch spilled paints, glue, glitter, and polishes. I’ve also used it to make decals for my nails.

“Purchased for a workdesk mat when I do epoxy resin work on jewelry – just roll the thing up and pop the epoxy off!” – Fraser

Buy it on Amazon USA for 10.99


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