I have spent many hours thinking (maybe one would call it dreaming) about what do I need or want to use for a sewing machine surface.  I have even purchased a few different things that turned out to be less than perfect.  Like a folding card table which alas only makes the machine move enough to make me dizzy and I don’t need help with that, granted at the time I was in college and trying to get by cheaply.  


So as I continue my personal research I found a few options to share. 

Simple design

This is a multifunctional simple design to set your machine on for work.   I has a fold up extension on the left side to increase work surface.

Cart to store and sewing surface

A compact cart with shelf inside the desk space to store machine while not in use makes a beautiful surface for entertaining or display.  Opened the leaf on left pulls up and supports on the fold out front door to provide ample work space and easy access to tools stored on the shelves. 

Modern lines with lots of storage

This cart with clean simple lines make this a great display area with lots of hidden storage.  A shelf in the pull out side keeps sewing machine safe and out of sight when not in use.  It also provides additional surface area for tools or project pieces or you could even put a small ironing pad on it for quick seam presses.  Drawers have posts to secure spools of thread and ample storage for tools to be close at hand.

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