About ten years ago. I saw a quilt block I absolutely loved! It was simple in design, in an abstract way. My mind raced with possibilities for fabric! Then I saw the same block used in a quilt from a shop in Sisters, Oregon.

You see, I am the oldest of three sisters. Our relationship with each other was sort of iconic in itself. Our mother dressed us alike for major holidays. We each had a designated color. Mine was pink, which I hated. Cindy, the middle sister had blue(my favorite color) and the baby, Kim, was yellow. Those colors sort of defined us in our determination to be independent people.

We each followed our own path, made mistakes and grew up to be strong women, like our mother. We fought as children, then became good friends as adults. Only I moved away, to the west, which I pined for as I grew up, after a trip by car, as a family to California. Later I settled in Astoria, Oregon where I raised a family. Cindy and I stayed in touch by telephone. Kim was there, but distant as she was a working mother with a career. But the bond between all of us was still strong.

Cindy passed away suddenly twenty years ago. It was devastating to us as a family, maybe more so to Kim and I. A few years later out mother passed, then our father. Then there were just the two of us.

I saw the block “Moon over the Mountain” and was reminded of Sisters Oregon. I had thought there was some sort of connection for us with those mountain peaks. The project became clear in my mind and I gathered my batiks and thought of what I wanted to create.

The 3 Sisters

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