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Ready to create your next cozy accessory or décor piece? Pick out some needles and thread over here by clicking down below!


Get a guide for different techniques or some inspiration for your next project. We’ve got How to’s and For Dummies.


Choose from different colors, prints, and textures. Perfect for any project from costume making to nursery blankets.

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Thread & Floss

Thread for your machine and hand sewing. Also for quilting, crocheting, cross-stitching, and embroidery.

Storage & Organization

Control clutter and clear your mind.  Even though the saying “A clean (desk, sewing area, etc) is the sign of a cluttered mind.

Oodles of Needles

Needles for a machine, hand sewing, knitting, and crocheting. Are we missing anything?
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Quilting Supplies

We’ve got cutting tools, machines, and additional connections. Enough fabric to keep your stash filled to the brim.

Yarn Galore

Lots of textures, weights, and colors to create beautiful accessories, garments, and snuggles for you or someone special.

Need some inspiration?

Tools to support Health Care Givers

Tools to support Health Care Givers

Elastic is essential to holding facemasks in place and I found this in ample quantity to make ...... Many. had to cover our faces (albiet not always happily) to prevent exposure to the outside I...

15 Sewing Tips To Save Time And Money

15 Sewing Tips To Save Time And Money

I still remember the excitement of my first sewing course. I made a skirt for my sister and was thrilled every time she wore it. Since then I have enjoyed collecting sewing hints to save time and...

The Sewing Machine

The Sewing Machine

The sewing machine has been around for more than two hundred years now and is still as popular today. Most households have a sewing machine, whether it’s for ornamental use or for taking care of...

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